Why Do YOU Want to Attend Medium Day on August 12?

If you’re planning to join the fun and meet me, I have a time slot. Tell me if what I’m thinking is what you’d like to hear…

Melinda Blau
4 min readJul 30


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Medium Day Will Be a First

I’m honored and excited. Participating in the event could be an online relationship-propeller. A chance to meet, to listen, to learn.

First, of course, you have to register.

Second, weigh in…What do you want to hear from this old broad, a New Yorker who at the tender age of 79 is still bopping around the world and churning out words?

Here is the link to my Medium Day session on August 12 at 4:30 pm!

You can ask me anything on August 12, but…

I can’t tell you the “tricks” of Medium. I don’t know how to join the 7% of writers who earn $500 a month here, or is it $100? I can’t keep up! And I will not discuss, no less help you, understand Medium’s (or any other platform’s) inscrutable algorithm.

I can only tell you what thrills me about writing here.

To be clear, when I say I’m “thrilled,” it means I “broke the code,” as I think of it — figured out the story and how I wanted to tell it. And on the last read-through, I experience the “high” of having done it.

My official presentation title for Medium Day is a mouthful:

From the New York Times bestseller list to Medium: What I Learned From 50 Years of Story Telling and Consequential Strangers.

The content grew out of what I ask other writers I admire:

How do you get the words on paper (or screen)?

I asked the question of myself, “What goes into your particular creative process? What has…



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